Your Body Will Enjoy 10 Benefits If You Put Walking In You Daily Routine

Walking has plenty of positive effect both on your mental and physical health. A 30 minutes every day walking will boost you with needed energy and will prevent serious health problems. We will discuss 10 benefits, which your body will enjoy if you walk every day.

Your body will enjoy the following 10 things if you walk every day

1.You will have healthier heart

You can greatly prevent cardiovascular disease if you walk. This is according to a study published in the journal Current Opinion Cardiology.

If you are not used to exercise, you should increase your physical activity. The benefits of physical activities are enormous and include reduced blood pressure and improved lipid profile. What is more, you will prevent death if you practise walking. Walking also increases your heart rate and strengthens your heart muscles.

2. You will be relaxed and calmed

According to a study, which was published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, walking increased the positive boost in women who walked for at least 200 minutes every week. According to experts, these improvements, which happened due to 3 years observation, showed that walking made the women body healthier and reduced depression level. The World Health Organization states that depression will become global health issue by 2030, especially in those countries where people earn a higher income.

Walking has enormous benefits to your mental well-being. Walking outside and surrounding by tress and nature calm your brain and mind.

According to study in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, 20 minute walking in the woods, forest or in a park, reduce cortisol levels of the brain, which is known as stress hormone. What is more, walking lowers depression and will make you feel better.

3. Your lungs will be strengthened

Walking encourages that your lungs work properly. When you walk you breathe harder and your body use more oxygen and dispense more carbon dioxide. If you are already used to walk, your lungs will use the oxygen more efficiently. When your lungs muscles are moving, your circulation also speeds up. This process strengthens the amount of air that your lungs are able to take in.

A study on the journal Breathe, states that good walk will make you out of breath or breathless. However, this should not be interfered with being short of breath. Being short of breath occurs when your lungs don’t function well.

4. Your vision will be improved

You can improve your vision if you walk. According to experts, regular walks reduce the risk of developing glaucoma, for 73%. The flow and pressure of blood around your eyes can be increased if you walk.

Walking keeps the blood pressure at normal level so there isn’t risk of bursting the blood vessels. If you walk, you prevent vision lost and you keep the health of your eyes.

5. Your digestion picks up

As per group of German researchers, walking may speed up how food travels in the stomach to help with digestion. So, when you had a heavy meal, rest for 20 minutes and don’t sit in front of the TV, but take a walk!

In addition, walking can also aid your stomach if you cope with constipation. Walking stimulates the muscles in the intestines so you will never have to strain when you have to relieve yourself. Walking also provides that you keep your digestive tract healthier and provides reductions of toxins out from your body.

6. Your pancreas function will be more efficient

The pancreas is the organ responsible for production of enzymes, hormones, and insulin which break down the food you eat.

The journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity, states that low-intensity walks increase the efficiency of the pancreas. This results in improved body production of metabolism and insulin. You will be able to reduce the risk of developing diabetes and other metabolic disorders.

7. Reduce blood sugar

If you walk for 20 minutes after a big dinner, you will aid your body in reducing the blood sugar. A study in Diabetes Care, states that walking after your last meals is better than 45-minute walk in the morning. Walking burns the energy and allows the body to clear glucose.

8. You will get relieved from pain in lower back

If you suffer from pain in the lower back we don’t advise you to run or to do high impacted exercises. Regularly walk can boost you with required physical activity. You will also improve your blood circulation, especially around the spinal structure.

Your spine flexibility will be improved when the blood properly flows in your spine. You will get relived from the pain in the lower back if you walk regularly.

9. Your muscles will be toned

Walking directly affects your leg muscles. You won’t experience muscle soreness if walking is not intense.

You can obtain muscle toning by increasing the intensity of your walks, by including more intervals or by taking different routes where you walk. Muscle toning is helpful and you will also lose some weight and achieve good physical form.

10. Your bones and joints will be stronger

As per the National Institutes of Health, exercises like walking force your bones and joints to move against gravity. This leads to stronger bones and joints. You can reduce the risk of getting fractures, immobility and bone mass when your bones are strong.

The Arthritis Foundation also suggests walking if you suffer from joint stiffness and inflammation. Walking provides better blood circulation in your joints which aids in reducing discomfort.


Now you know the benefits of walking. You should make 20minutes walking your goal if you want to feel better. You can walk alone, but we advise you to walk with companion. There are lots of ways how to include walking in your daily routine.

  • Instead of sit-down meeting with your colleagues have walking meetings.
  • You can also walk during lunch breaks
  • Instead of using public transport, try to walk.
  • Walk with your partner, kids, and dog and make walking a family activity.
  • Invite your friends to walk with you.   Source