You Will Eliminate Acne By Avoiding The Following 5 Foods

What you eat can seriously affect your health. If you cope with acne it’s time to look at your plate and to see if you eat foods which cause acne. A lot of studies have shown have that there are clear connections between what we eat and the health of our skin. Do you want to know how to get rid of acne? Read on! This article is written to those of us with skin issues with regard to how to get rid of acne simply by cutting certain foods out of our diet. Get ready for clean, clear, shining skin!

What Is Acne?

Acne is a “disease” that affects the oil glands and pores of the skin. People do not only have acne on their face, but also in the other body parts. Acne can also affect all body parts. Today, people cannot easily get rid of acne, even that there are various anti-acne products. We are living in a toxic world which every day gets more and more toxic. We find harder to maintain our health and our body integrity and this leads to acne appearance all over the body. Dirt, excess oil, and other toxic substances clog pores on the face and other areas of the body, producing acne.

What Causes Acne?

The production of excess sebum is directly related to rising and falling levels of insulin in the bloodstream. If your blood sugar levels are consistent throughout the day, there is no need to produce excess oil by the oil glands. This means that you will have no acne. If you eat foods that cause your blood sugar levels to raise and then fall, then you will most likely experience acne. You want to know how to get rid of acne? Well, change your diet!

Eliminate Acne By Avoiding These Foods:


Gluten is the real responsible here. Gluten causes a sharp spike in insulin production. This will clog up those pores surely. If you still want to eat bread with your meal, then look for bread which is gluten-free. You want to eat hamburger? Well, instead of eating it, eat a lettuce and you will get healthy crunch.

2. Bagels

Eliminate acne naturally by cutting bagels out of your diet. Also, you should avoid foods which contain refined flours and grains should be avoided too. You don’t need them– instead, try putting few slices of cucumber as a mid-morning snack.

3. Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate is not only full of sugar, but it also causes host of acne-causing chemicals to be released in the body only after the first bite. However, if you still need to meat something sweet, eat organic dark chocolate.

4. Milk & Dairy

The consumption of milk and dairy products will produce an insulinogenic response in your body, wherein the body produces more insulin than is needed to control blood sugar. What is more, milk and other dairy products trigger the release of hormones in our bodies that wreak havoc on our complexion as well. This is bad for your skin. Instead of vanilla or chocolate ice cream, choose a frozen banana almond butter concoction for dessert. You will get rid of acne when you learn how to maintain your diet healthy. Avoid dairy products and milk and you will get rid of acne in a natural way.


Soda is considered to be the worst “food” which causes cause acne. I state “food” in this manner because it is nearly impossible to find any nutritional value in this fizzy drink. As per studies, soda is as destructive as alcohol on the body. Now, when you know its destructive behaviour will you continue to drink it? Get rid of soda and drink some water with fresh lemon, or a refreshing iced tea.

Knowledge is power which changes the world. Now, we have shown you how to eliminate acne by making small and consistent changes to your diet. Your body will be thankful if you eliminate the foods mentioned above. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and shows what your body experiences. Cut some of these toxic substances out of your diet, and you will soon see the results staring back at you in the mirror. You’ll see a happier, healthier, radiant version of you!