The Painkiller Tramadol Kills More People Than Any Other Drug

Nowadays, one of the most serious addictions is pills addiction. Many people enjoy taking pills because they get relieved from pain. People get more addicted if pills become more and more available.

Today, one of the biggest pill misuses is the one of Tramadol. This pill is a well-known pain killer. Tramadol (also known under the name Ultram) is a medical drug offering similar effects to those of morphine. This is the reason why consumers are very addicted to Tramadol. Trmadol is Paainkiller

Tramadol, and similar drugs are used as an opioid for patients with emotional problems. According to studies, that have been analyzing the addicton to Tramadol, said that there is misuse of Tramadol. In other words, more and more people used it every day.

Pills that are pain killers are an important in the treatment in some patients. But it’s a fact that more and more patients take them without ever needing it.

The Dangers of Tramadol

Tramadol is a synthetic drug, used as an opioid and abused as a narcotic. The drug is often used in patients who are experiencing chronic pains due to another condition. The way Tramadol works is by connecting to the brain nerves in charge of managing pain.

Taking Tramadol can result in many side-effects, including:

  • Bloating problems
  • Migraines and nausea
  • Blood in urine
  • Cold sweats
  • Hypertension
  • Loose extremities and faint-like sensations
  • Accelerated heart rate
  • Memory issues

As per Jack Crane, a professor, and expert in forensic medicine, Tramadol is not an everyday med. Even more, Crane is certain Tramadol needs to be listed as a Class A drug, and a one with severe consequences to our health.

‘People seem to assume that Tramadol is safe because it is prescribed by doctors, but in my mind, it is just as dangerous as heroin and should be reclassified as a Class A drug,’ Crane explained.

Experiences with Tramadol

Professor Crane considers Tramadol dangerous to our health because of a related family tragedy. Namely, in 2017, Crane explained how some members of his family died as a result of misusing Tramadol and developing an addiction to it.

In Ireland alone, Tramadol has killed more patients than any other illegal drug, most of whom died in fatal car crashes. In the USA, Tramadol and fentanyl have doubled the number of patients addicted to these drugs.

What Makes Tramadol Addictive?

Tramadol is mostly addictive due to the results it offers. Patients addicted to Tramadol say that along with pain relief, Tramadol provides a number of other ‘benefits’. Such include:

  • A feeling of hipness or an adrenaline rush
  • Numbness
  • Relaxation of the mind and muscles
  • Calmness during the entire day

Tramadol is able to trigger all these sensations by activating two of its main chemicals, neropinephrine, and serotonin. These two chemicals have great effects in improving the focus and sleep, as well as suppressing depression symptoms.

Combining Tramadol and Alcohol

Tramadol is not very compatible with alcohol. The drug itself is strong enough on its own, so when taken along with alcohol, it could become lethal.

A book called Drug Interactions: Analysis and Management, explains how taking Tramadol with alcohol boosts the effects of the drug. But, at what cost? Some of the most serious threats as a result of this mix include organ failure, heart problems, low blood pressure and sadly, death.

Tramadol Overdose

If abused in consumption, Tramadol can easily cause an overdose and manifest the symptoms listed below. Should you notice any of these symptoms in you or someone you know, ask urgent medical help.

The symptoms include:

  • Heavy breathing
  • Blackouts
  • Loss of muscle strength
  • Fatigue
  • Escalated heartbeat
  • Suicidal tendencies

Recommended Dose of Tramadol

In most cases, doctors suggest patients take 50-100 mg, every 6 hours. This dose should not be increased unless a medical professional allows it. While this is the safest dose for adults, Tramadol-intolerant patients could find this dose unbearable and experience immediate side-effects.

Shortly put, no dosage of Tramadol can ever be too safe for patients to get comfortable.

Finally, Tramadol is not to be taken by pregnant women under ANY circumstances, as the drug could kill the fetus.