Most People Ignore These 8 Dehydration Symptoms

Our body is full of water. Even a small dehydration can require hospitalization and an IV. In order to avoid this, read the following symptoms.

Well, we listed 9 dehydration symptoms and solutions that you should follow.

What happens when we are dehydrated? Which are the symptoms?

1. Are you always hungry?

People often believe that thirst is one of the first dehydration symptoms. Nevertheless, Mayo Clinic said that this can only occur when you’re seriously dehydrated. From the food we eat, we get water. Our body knows this and makes you think that you are hungry if you ignore the intake of water. When you are hungry you may think that you need something fatty. This can be a problem and shows you that you have ended with the needed water supply in your body. And when you don’t have enough water supply in the body, the food that you have eaten cannot be digested.


Before eating anything, drink one or two cups of water. When you have taken these 2 cups of water, don’t eat anything for 30 minutes. If you are still hungry, consume a healthy snack. If you are not hungry, this shows that your body needed water supply. Well, make yourself sure to have regular hydration in order to avoid unnecessary eating. Drink water to make your body healthy.

2.You are cannot think clearly

Your brain needs water in order to work properly. Your body takes water from ‘’less important’’ organs and keeps other organs, like your heart to work properly. One of the least known dehydration symptoms when your brain doesn’t have water is that your brain gets smaller in size. The brain gets smaller in size as much as two percent its size. This is the reason why you cannot think clearly, you are enable to remember simple things, or you have jumbled thoughts even if you are awake.


Instead of drinking coffee, drink water. The coffee will provide you to be alerted for only short period and has limited effects. What is more, you may reduce water in your body if you drink coffee. This is because coffee is diuretic. The quantity of the water that your body may lose depends on the type of coffee that you drink. in other words, if the coffee has more caffeine you will lose more water. If you drink coffee day after day you will cope with brain symptoms such as brain fog. So, instead of coffee drink a cup of water. The water will help you to think better.

However, if you still want a bit caffeine make yourself a black tea in your coffee machine. If you make six cups of black tea by using only one tea bag, you will obtain about 5 milligrams of caffeine. Remember that tea, is also full of antioxidants.

3. You have strong desire for food

You may have strong food desire. People think that dehydration symptoms and the strong desire for food are not associated. If you don’t expect baby, this may mean that your body needs water. This is especially true if you have desire to eat certain fruits such as grapes, cucumbers, or oranges. This means that your body needs water.


Well, drinking water is the solution. Add adequate amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet which contain water. Strawberries and watermelon contain 92% of water. Grapefruit and cantaloupe have around 90% of water. Take about 6 servings per day in order to obtain water.

4. You have headaches

Among other reasons, headaches can appear if you don’t have enough water in your body, or if you have too much water. However, most of the people get headaches because they don’t have water in the body. When the brain shrinks, it pulls away from your skull and activates receptors of pain.


Every morning when you wake up, drink a 16.9 ounce bottle of water. Make yourself a breakfast, then eat it and drink another bottle after finishing your meal. In this way, every day, you will have about half of the needed water. This will also help you not to urinate frequently when you are at work. If you drink water in the morning before leaving the house you will provide the almost needed amount of water for the rest of the day.

5. You have constipation

When people have constipation, they often assume that they need fiber. Well, this is partially true. Water is also needed in order to help the digestive system to remove waste. Fiber is water soluble and insoluble. If you don’t have enough water, and too much fiber you may have constipation. More badly is that your body will absorb whatever water it can, and this can be taken from the waste in your intestines.


You want to get between 18 and 35 grams of fiber per day, you should drink enough water. Today, many people don’t drink enough water. The suggested amount of 64 ounces is just an average amount which is based on weight. You will need to drink more water if you have more weight. You need to drink nearly half your body weight in ounces of water every day.

6. Your lips are very dry

If you have to put a lip balm on your lips constantly, then you need to drink more water. When you have adequate hydration your lips will be soft to the touch.


Increase the amount of water you drink. Continue to use your lip balm. There are different methods which you can use in order to increase the intake of water. For example, every two hours drink one or two cups of water. Each time you eat, drink one cup of water. Drink two cups of water when your exercise and one cup when you have break. Try to increase the intake of water especially if you didn’t drink enough water.

7. When you stand up you get lightheaded

You might think you got up too fast or that your dizziness was caused by something else. Your body flow is slowed down due to the lack of water. This can make you dizzy. Nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the body by the blood. This means that if you don’t get enough oxygen a problem can occur.


If you feel lightheaded or dizzy often, it’s a signal that you’re dehydrated nearly every day. Drinking a lot of water at once is not the solution. If you drink more than one liter of water in one hour you may be in danger of water intoxication. Don’t drink big amount of water at once. Drink small amount of water several times daily.

8. You are always tired

You can be always tired if you don’t intake enough water. When you are dehydrated your blood is thicker and moves more slowly. This can cause your blood pressure to drop for short time.

Your blood moves easily when you rehydrate your body. When your heart doesn’t have to pump as hard in order to move the blood in your body, this results with dropped blood pressure.


Get some rest and ensure yourself that you get enough water each day. Cold water can help you to stay awake. Drinking water can aid avoid brain freeze. Get a large bottle and drink water every day.

There are also other dehydration symptoms which can occur if you don’t drink enough water: seizures, muscle cramps, sunken eyes, irritability, heat injury, increased cavities and urinary or kidney problems. Luckily, all these symptoms can be avoided if you drink water. Well, drinking water is easier than coping with the mentioned symptoms.