List Of 7 Foods Which Trigger Mucus In Your Body

Mucus is a sticky, gelatinous material that lines your lungs, throat, mouth, nose, and sinuses. Mucus may be annoying when you’re sick, but your body needs it to keep you healthy. The best way to avoid mucus production is to avoid foods which cause mucus. You will feel better if you adjust a diet which prevents mucus production.

List of 7 Foods Which Cause Mucus

1.Dairy products and milk

Cheese, milk, yogurt and all other dairy products contain casein. Casein is molecule that increase mucus secretions. For this reason, consumption of dairy products will lead to more mucus in your throat and sinuses. Lactose is very bad for mucus production. Replace the milk in your coffee or cappuccino with an almond. If you like, you may also try some dairy-free cheese and ice cream, too! You’ll be surprised about the taste you will find.

2. Sugar

Even if you love sugar, always be aware that sugar also causes mucus in your body. Your body can produce more mucus even if you consume coffee with sugar. Replace sugar with honey or agave nectar. In baking, you can just use more fruit, which is a natural source of sugar.

3. Oil & Meat

During illness, try to avoid meat and oil. Your mucus discharge may be aggravated if you consume meat and oil while you are ill. In the long-term, try to limit your meaty meals to few times weekly. Fish is very rich in fatty acids and oils that can also contribute to mucus production so their consumption should be limited during illness.

4. Soy

Try to avoid soy-based products such as soy milk, tofu, and tempeh. When you are ill, you may feel worse if you consume soy-products. Look and consume food that has coconut in it instead. Coconut is a great antioxidant and won’t cause too much production of mucus.

5. Nuts & Grains

Crab-related foods are full of grains, which can aggravate mucus production while you are sick. Avoid bread, pasta, pizza dough, and other crab-related foods. In addition, stay away from beans and legumes when you’re ill because they’ll only make you sniff harder. Replace them with freshly cooked vegetables.

6. Alcohol

Alcohol consumption during illness can dehydrate you and dehydration means that stronger mucus is going to form in your body. If like to replace alcohol with soft drink, remember that carbonated drinks full of sugar can also dehydrate you. The best source of hydration is water! Water has no additives and can easily break the mucus.

7. Potatoes

Fruit and vegetables should be part of every healthy diet. However, there are vegetables which can cause increased mucus production. Potatoes – and potato-like plants such as plantains – are full of carbohydrates. Well, they aren’t the right food option if you fight mucus. Potatoes can cause mucus in your body. For this reason, try to avoid them while you’re ill and consume them when healthy.


When you cope with mucus it seems so difficult that you may think it will never go away. However, if you keep positive thinking and healthy mucus defeating diet, mucus will disappear! Continue to be positive and don’t deprive yourself of useful nutrients. If you feel very ill always consult your doctor as soon as you can.