Japanese Morning Diet Regimen: Melts Pounds and Improves Health

Have you ever heard of The Morning Banana Regimen? It was first brought by Hitoshi Watanabe in the book he wrote with the same name.

This regimen is super easy and effective. It provides excellent results within a short period of time. The only thing you should do is eat bananas in the morning and drink room temperature water throughout the day.

Simple methods provide great results

Believe it or not, simple methods can provide excellent results. Hitoshi suggested the method only after he tried it himself. He tried numerous diets and regimens, but nothing worked, so he decided to create his own regimen. Hitoshi used the help of his pharmacist wife, too. He came across some great results, and encouraged others to try it. Pretty much everyone was happy with the effect of Hitoshi’s brilliant formula.

Japanese Morning Diet Plan

You should eat a banana instead of your breakfast and have a glass of water right after that. Don’t eat anything before lunch.
Starch in bananas promotes a healthy weight loss regimen. Bananas end up in the large intestine right away and does’t dissolve in the small intestine like other foods do. Starches start fermenting, and are converted into short-chain fatty acids. It optimizes the function of your gastrointestinal tract, nourishes cells and brings your health to a higher level.
Keep in mind that overloading your stomach is something you should never do. Stick to the 80/20 rule: eat 80 percent of the food, and leave the remaining 20% on your plate.
Eat raw bananas and wait for 20 minutes after having one. If you are still hungry, eat another banana.

Drink a lot of warm (room temperature) water to stimulate your metabolism. Avoid milk and alcohol.

Eat your dinner before 8:00pm, and that’s your last meal for the day. Don’t eat anything else.

Go to bed before midnight. Spending your night with your eyes wide open will only make you fat.

Eat your regular lunch and dinner, but make sure your snacks are nothing but fruits.

Health benefits of bananas

– Promote weight loss
– Stimulate metabolism and give a feeling of satiety
– Improve overall health
– Offer high amount of fiber and potassium
– Eliminate cellulite
– Cut down food cravings

This diet regimen will give you enough energy while regulating your blood sugar. Bananas will get your metabolism working, and you will lose weight with minimum effort. Seems amazing, right?