Immediately Remove Mucus And Phlegm From Your Throat, With These 7 Natural Remedies

Constant mucus and phlegm can be really annoying. If you have breathing difficulties you may get scary. Nasal obstructions, which are commonly caused by huge amount of phlegm in the lungs lead to coughing and breathing difficulties.

Most people want to get rid of annoying cough and to save themselves of not obtaining more severe health issues. While our body produces phlegm through mucous membranes in order to protect it from viruses, dust, and allergies, an excess tends to lead to bronchial issues and even lung infection. When we are healthy, the mucus tends to be thin and barely noticeable, but when we are sick or fighting an allergen or virus, the mucus thickens in order to trap foreign substances.

You ask how to clear your lungs and air pathways?

Well, we want to share some natural remedies, which will help to clear your breathing pathways. Read on, and make these natural remedies.

7 Natural Remedies

  1. Lemon and Honey – This mixture will keep you away from infections and will soothe coughs. What is more, this mix will boost your immune system. Mucus will be cut by the lemon. Mix 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with 1 tablespoon of organic honey in a bowl. Consume the mix three times daily.
  1. Peppermint tea or oil – Most commonly used as a decongestant is the peppermint tea oil. The peppermint offers refreshing and cooling properties which clean the respiratory infections. Boil fresh peppermint leaves with cup of water. Add a bit honey to the mix and leave it to stay for few minutes. Then consume it and enjoy its taste!
  1. Turmeric – Turmeric is one of the healthiest and most versatile spices on the planet. You should always have turmeric spice in your home. Turmeric has strong antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Turmeric boosts your immune system, combats infections and clear excess mucus. Make a mixture of turmeric and water and gargle with it!
  1. Garlic – Garlic is the most powerful natural antibiotic. It contains powerful antiseptic properties. Garlic fights bacteria and improves your immune system. This powerful vegetable will remove infections as well! Drink some water mixed with garlic clove which you had previously cut. You will enjoy its benefits very soon.
  1. Eucalyptus tea or oil – Eucalyptus has powerful antiseptic properties. Eucalyptus is excellent fighter against upper respiratory infections. If we use eucalyptus tea or oil, we can solve dryness of the respiratory tract. Boil eucalyptus in water and allow it to steep. Drink the tea throughout the day.
  1. Ginger tea or oil – Ginger contains powerful antiviral and expectorant properties. A ginger tea will aid you in fighting infections. Try slicing some fresh ginger and boiling it in two cups of water. Sweeten with honey.
  1. Steam inhalation – One of the best ways to help clear up excess mucus from your nose, throat, chest, and lungs is steam inhalation. Steam inhalation will be more powerful if you add in antiviral herbs or oils. This helps combat inflammation, soothe irritation, and treat any infections.


Mucus and phlegm development is important and natural, but it’s very important that their production isn’t excessive. Natural remedies will help you to cure throat and lungs health issues. Natural remedies are better option than heavy medications. Well, next time when you have a cough, use one of the mentioned methods.