How To Use Copaiba Oil In Order To Eliminate Eczema, Psoriasis, Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression And Acne

Our body and spirit can enjoy hundreds of benefits if we use essential oils. The essential oils are natural remedies, and for this reason they can be more effective in treatments than pharmaceuticals. Copaiba oil is a mix of four different species, and is very healthy.

This oil is made of the copaiba trees’ balsamic resin. Copaiba oil is not only used as a natural remedy, but is also added in many cosmetic products (in perfumes, lotions, soaps, creams). This oil has been used by people in South America for centuries.

The use of copaiba oil can lead to the following benefits: helped digestion, improved heart health, soothed skin irritations, improved work of the immune system, relaxed respiratory system, reduced neuronal excitability and treated anxiety.

Stated by Annie Price, CHHC, research showed that Copaifera reticulata, Copaifera multijuga and Copaifera cearensis , which all are varieties of copaiba oil, have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. This is very important because, as we already know, most diseases appear as a result of inflammation.

A research study that was carried in 2012, analysed the anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective benefits of the copaiba oil-resin by following neural disorders which were acute, when strong inflammation reactions happened including brain/spinal cord trauma.

What is more, copaiba oil relieves us from pain because it contains antinociceptive properties, and this means that copaiba oil has the power to block the stimulus that causes pain, by the sensory neurons.

An in vitro study showed the antinociceptive activity of the Copaiba oils: Copaifera multijuga and Copaifera reticulate, when they were applied orally.

The results also showed that the use of copaiba oils can make pain relief effect, and that these oils are beneficial in treating different health disorders that involve pain (such as arthritis).

As we mentioned before, copaiba oil is very beneficial because it contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. But this is not all! Copaiba oil is healthy because contains cannabinoid beta-caryophyllene (BCP).

Copaiba oil can be used in three ways: it can be ingested, inhaled and topically applied.

Copaiba oil is safe, but it won’t taste well if you put it directly on your tongue. This is due to the reason that natural oils are very concentrated. So, before consumption, add several drops of this oil into a capsule, in a drink or in food. You can also ask someone who has experience in using and consuming this oil.

In order to relax you mind, and get relieved from stress, depression and anxiety, add copaiba oil in a bottle and inhale the aroma.

If you have skin irritations and cope with eczema, acne or psoriasis, take a cotton ball and put a few drops of copaiba oil in it. Then apply the cotton on the affected area.