Fluoride Was Added First, But Now Lithium May Be Added To Drinking Water

As the toxicity levels of fluoride weren’t enough in drinking water, now the Japanese researchers propose that adding lithium in drinking water may have positive effect. You may ask yourself how did the Japanese conclude this? Well, firstly, the levels of lithium in drinking water were examined as well as the rates of suicide in the Oita’s prefecture were examined, too! Secondly, the researchers found out that the rates of suicide are lower in areas where lithium was presented in high levels. This conclusion was written in the British Journal of Psychiatry.

According to universities of Oita and Hiroshima, low levels of lithium can have positive effect on suicide rates, while treating serious mood disorders is achieved by high doses of lithium.

Levels of 0.7 to 59 milligrams per litre were ranged and even if the researchers said that they are very low, but the brain can be protected if we drink water that contains lithium.

Japanese researchers asked other countries to make a further research.

The debate about adding fluoride to water in order to protect dental health was proved to be controversial. It was criticized by some and described as compulsory medication.

According to professor Allan Young, a further research is needed for this mysterious subject.

‘’High doses of lithium in drinking water supplies may be achievable, but this should be a subject to a debate. Following these findings will not be inexpensive, but the final benefits that may happen, can be very important for the mental health of the community. ‘’

According to Sophie Corlett, who is director of external relations at mental health charity Mind, said there should be more investigation in the research.

‘’ lithium is a powerful stabilizer for people with changes in mood and bipolar disorder. Low suicide rates are also associated with people who received lithium. These are things that we all already know. ‘’

Apart from lithium’s great effects, the over dose of lithium can cause side-effects and toxicity. Hence, any suggestion before you add lithium in drinking water even in small amount, should be cautiously treated and researched.

Remember that, water is perfect when is natural. Elements that are artificially added to drinking water can actually worse the health of the public. So if you mess with water, the human health will be at danger.