Eliminate These 5 Evening Habits Which Damage Your Hair

Today, most people don’t have enough time to pay attention to their hair. They apply old habits which damages their hair. If you have damaged hair, and you don’t know which reasons caused the damages, read the following 5 evening habits that damage your hair.

1.Sleeping with wet hair

Falling asleep with wet hair is very damaging and bad habit. This is because hair is incredibly weak when it is damp or wet. In this condition, your hair has bigger chances of breaking. In order to avoid the hair breaking and the problems with dryness of the ends, try to wash your hair in the mornings. However, if you really must wash your hair at night, dry it after washing it.

2.Bad hair brushing

If you brush your wet hair after washing, it will be the same damaged as when sleeping with wet hair. Unluckily, there are just as many negative effects that can come from not brushing before bed at all!

If you brush your dry hair right before bed, you stimulate the scalp and help to distribute natural oils throughout the entirety of your hair strands, therefore promoting healthier and shinier hair. Ensure yourself that your hair is dry enough before brushing. Brushing the hair can be relaxing and will actually help you to sleep better.

3.Wrong pillowcases

Wrong pillowcases can increase the hair loss. Today, most of the pillowcases made from cotton. Unluckily, cotton can cause added friction to the hair, leading to looser hair follicles or breakage. Even worse are the sheets that collect lint. Older pillowcases that need replacing will cause the same problems.

Try to use silk or satin sheets, instead of cotton sheets. However, if you don’t have silk sheets, use a silk scarf to wrap your hair at night. This will prevent frizz and friction but will keep the hair in one place.

4. Wrong hair tying

If you tie your hair in a wrong way, before you go to bed, your hair may get damaged. Using a hair tie with metal parts can be especially damage your hair. If you use tie with elastic bands may also damage the hair, especially when your hair is wet, and may cause creasing along the follicles.

If you tie your hair too tightly, in a ponytail or in a bun, is also very harmful. Tying the hair actually allows breakage of the hair and allow knots.

You look for solution? Well, avoid tying your hair. If you do need to tie your hair, use loose, soft scrunchies that are free from any metal. When tying your hair before you go to sleep, do so very loosely.

5. Avoiding hair care

If you think that only shampooing and washing the hair is enough for full hair care, you are wrong. It’s important to apply other steps beyond shampooing, and evening is the best time to do that!

If you neglect to use conditioner, your hair may become breakable.

The conditioner can provide your hair boosted growth and shine. Scalp care is also vital as this is where all your hair follicles are embedded. Unhealthy hair comes from unhealthy scalp.

How to obtain healthy hair?

In order to provide healthy scalp, use a scalp mask. Remember to put a conditioner on your hair every time after washing your hair.


Neglect old habits and search for better solutions. Old habits may damage your hair, and new habits renew your hair. Replace old habits with our suggested hair care solutions. You will have healthy, shiny and beautiful hair if you avoid the mentioned evening habits.