Eliminate Flu and Clean Your Lungs With This Amazing Natural Syrup

Carrots- One Of The Healthiest Vegetables On Earth!

Carrots are one of the most popular vegetables on the planet! Also, they are one of the healthiest veggies among others. Carrots have distinctive orange colour and sweet taste. If you consume carrots you can enjoy plenty of health benefits. Carrots are also excellent guards against colds and flu.

Carrots can powerfully treat respiratory issues and coughs as well. Carrots are strong fighters against these types of health problems, and during winter months they should be consumed more than ever.

Since ancient times, people used carrots as natural remedies which prevented different health issues. Today, carrots are included in thousands of natural remedies and skin care products.

Carrots are beneficial for many things. They improve the function of the immune system, improve the skin quality, provide high amounts of vitamin B and C, and improve our vision.

These are only few of the benefits of carrots consumption. We have decided to show you an amazing homemade natural syrup, which is very effective. You will enjoy carrots’ benefits and you will treat colds and flu if you consume this syrup. Even more, this syrup will provide lungs clean.


  • 1 medium juiced lemon
  • 5 big carrots
  • 4 tablespoons of honey


Heat a pot with water and when is hot enough, put in it sliced carrots. Let the mix boil. They the mix gets boiled, remove the pot and cool it. With a fork, smash the boiled carrots.

Add the lemon juice and the honey. Mix the mixture until it gets homogenous and put it in a glass jar. Then, place the jar in the fridge.

In order to eliminate flu symptoms and clean your lungs, consume 5 tablespoons of this remedy every day. This remedy can also help you in relieving joint pain inflammation, muscle tissues, anxiety, lowers the stress and calm our nerves.

What is more, this syrup will help you to get relieved from acid reflux, gastritis, heartburn. A regular daily consumption of this natural remedy will also supply your body with lots of energy.