Eliminate Cold And Flu Symptoms With Elderberry In Only 24 Hours

Elderberry is one of the most used medicinal plants in the world. An extract of elderberry has been found to reduce the length and severity of symptoms caused by the influenza virus. So, every winter make yourself sure you have enough of elderberry syrup. Today, the elderberry is most used supplement in treating cold and flu symptoms.

According to studies, flu and cold symptoms can be eliminated in only 48 hours if you consume elderberries syrup.

Few studies have proved the improvements in the immune system thanks to the consumption of elderberries.

According to studies made in 2004 and 2009, elderberries are able to eliminate half of the flu duration, and in many cases eliminates the symptoms in only 48 hours.

According to the 2004 study, which was published in Journal of International Medical Research, an extract of elderberries made short the flu duration in 48 hours in patients were attacked by influenza A or B virus. To the patients a 15 ml of elderberry syrup was given as a treatment.

According to the 2009 study, published in the Journal of Pharmacology, patients who had avian flu and H1N1 received a dose of 175 milligram of elderberry extract. Patients were divided in two groups. Those in the first group received placebo and did not improve their condition or made the symptoms even worse. Patients in the second group, who were receiving elderberries syrup, significantly improved their condition in only 24 hours. Symptoms such as fever, muscle ache , headache, nasal congestion were eliminated or reduced in that 24 hours.

According to researchers, patients who received an elderberry extract had no symptoms, or they had medium symptoms of the illness in a treatment of 48 hours.

According to the 2016 study, which was published in the Nutrients, an elderberries extract can lower the symptoms and the duration of a clod in air travelers.

Shorter duration of the colds as well as reduced in cold symptoms were experienced by travelers, who used this herb 10 days before travelling and 5 days until arriving overseas.