Diabetes is divided into two types, type-one and type- two. Type one appears when there are problems with the immune system, and there is no cure nor prevention of this type of diabetes. Doctors believe that type-one is related to genetics, because most of the people who have developed it have a relative with diabetes type-one. Type- two of diabetes is a different one and appears due to bad eating habits and fatness. However, there is a possibility to reserve and to control naturally the level of sugar in the blood.

The main issue when treating type-two diabetes is that the recommended medications, consumed by the people who have diabetes, have side effects. These medications can cause damage of liver and kidneys, worse the person’s condition as well as involuntary urination. For these reasons, people become interested to try the following methods in order to control the sugar in the blood in a natural way.


This tree can be found in hot climate such as Mexico. During spring, this tree has white flowers that along its branches appear like trumpets. The most important medicinal effects lie in the bark. According to the studies made for bark, performed by German researchers, an extract made of bark improved the level of sugar in the blood of people who have type –two diabetes. Also, the bark extract improved the prescription of medications.The bark reduced the risk of cataract, reduced high cholesterol level and open the narrowed blood vessels, and there were no side effects.


According to studies, the work of the cinnamon may be compared to the body’s insulin and can open the cells in order that sugar gets in. The use of cinnamon is easy and healthy. A person with diabetes should buy a high quality cinnamon from a local store or store for healthy food. The cinnamon should be sprinkle on yogurt a couple of times in a day. Cinnamon can be also found in capsules that are not expensive and cost only a few dollars.