After Finding A Woman Who Was Gasping For Breath, Families Alert Others To Make Surprise Visits At The Nursing Homes

Recently, in Ohio, residents were shocked by a disturbing image of a nursing home.

Namely, the story is about a senior patient who was in nursing home, bending over an office desk. When media and people saw this disturbing image, they demanded answers.

When the employees discovered the women, her son noted that her mother was fighting for air. What is more, she was also choking in her own saliva.

The patient is 80-year-old Esther Brown. She was resident at the Altercare Nobles Pond in Canton. Her son, James Brown her family raised suspicions of a possible foul play at the home and broke the story to the public to raise awareness.

What Happened to Esther?

One day, James visited his mom at the nursing home. When he arrived there, he couldn’t believe his eyes what he was seeing. His mother was faced down over a desk and was unresponsive. What is more, his mother was located in a private room with no other patients. In her private room there were not employees who should help her…..

Julia Wiggins, the family pastor, became upset by the happening and decided to take two images of the woman, in order to alert other families to not relay on the care of nursing homes.

Wiggins Wrote On Facebook

Dear Facebook family and friends, this is how we found our dear Mother Esther Brown at the nursing home for…

Posted by Julia Wiggins on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Julia Wiggins says:

Dear friends and family on facebook, this is how mother Esther Brown looked at the nursing home in Saturday in Alter Care Noble Pond’s in Jackson Township. After I and her son James visited her, I become very upset. I have decided to take two pictures in order to alert other families not to rely on the care of nursing homes. We found mother Esther Brown facing down a pillow which was put in an office desk, gasping for breath and strangling in her own saliva. Mother Esther was transferred in a private room for no reason. James began to cry out ‘’ this is my mother’’. When mother Esther heard that she tried to raise her head! I was very upset about the fact that the employees in this nursing house don’t give the needed care to the patients.

Well, I suggest to people to check their loved ones who stay in a nursing homes. I want to show to people the maltreatment of patients who are staying in the nursing homes. There are a lot of bad things that happens in nursing homes behind closed doors.

Wiggins reported that they were yelling for help for about 10 minutes before the employees came to help. When James began to cry out ‘’ that is my mother’’ mother Esther heard that and tried to raise her head…

Wiggins then alerted the members of the family whose elder members are staying in nursing homes. One of the best way to discover a possible problems is when visiting nursing homes during afternoon or during night.

Wiggins said that they couldn’t believe they were seeing a human. They thought it was a cat.

Wiggins also added that they spent a lot of time screaming and looking for help which never came.

Authorities Started An Investigation For The Matter

The photos were shared over 20k times and the public got very angry and upset. An investigation for the matter was initiated by Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Department of Aging. In the end, Esther’s family submitted a complaint against Altercare Nobles Pond stating the following:

We were informed about a family complaint on February 15, 2019. We followed the protocol established regarding any allegation. We immediately reported the concern to the Ohio Department of Health and complete an internal investigation.”

According to Brown family, the mentioned nursing home is neglecting its patients.

The Brown family won’t give up until justice is done.