According to Scientists, There Is Link A Between Sugar And Growth Of Cancer

Sugar is a carbohydrate molecule. Sugar can be found in natural fruits. People often add sugar in the food to make it more delicious. However, if our diet contains carbohydrates, we don’t need to consume sugar. According to scientists, there is a link between sugar and cancer growth.

We will discuss how sugar is related to growth of cancer cells.

Sugar is acidic molecule

There is link between sugar and cancer. Acidity is a happy place for cancer and diseases in the body. Our body will become acidic if we consume little sugar.

Nourish the cancer cell

Sugar nourishes cancer cells. We should not consume food full of sugar if we want to stay away from diseases and cancer. Fat tissue stores excess sugar. We don’t want to store food for cancer cells that will grow and multiply want to grow and multiply.

Sugar triggers the growth of cancer

Sugar helps the cancer cells to reproduce and multiply faster. Scientists, who have observing the effect of sugar on the cancer cells, have found that sugar causes hyperactivity for the reproduction and spreading of cancer cells. In other words, sugar allows cancer to spread into the body.

As per researchers, the Warburg effect forms a dangerous cycle through activation of early cellular growth pathways.

Sugar changes cellular functions

Some people, who are had HPV (human papilloma virus) have an increased risk for developing cervical cancer because they consumed sugar. However, a higher risk of cancer growth had only few of the 200 genetic variants of HPV.

Sugar affects the cancer cells by causing them to multiply and spread faster.

Sugar causes health problems

If you consume a lot of sugar, you may gain several health problems, such as obesity. A higher weight is generally linked with higher sugar intake. As per scientists, in the Journal Cancer Epidemiology, higher BMI is also linked with higher risk of developing colon cancer.

When the body processes excess sugar in the bloodstream, a high glycemic index (GI) provokes the pancreas to release insulin. High GI, insulin, and triglycerides are all linked with diets high in sugars and with a greater risk of colon cancer.

If you exercise, you may reduce the risk of colon cancer. As per researchers, when the individual is sedentary, the risk for colon cancer is higher than if the individual is active.

How to manage the risk of sugar and cancer?

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine gives us some advices how to manage the sugar in the diet. Well, you should consume unprocessed, vegan foods, foods low in sugar are preferable in order to prevent the risk of cancer.

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What about the idea of reducing some foods which are full of carbohydrates? (They are often found in crackers, white bread, cookies, cereal, candy, and sweetened beverages). If you consume lettuce instead of bread, you will reduce the sugar intake.

Sugar & Human diet

In the past, humans didn’t consume sugar. The actually ate what they found. Today, most of the food we consume in the form of carbohydrates is very recent.

A recent human development is the global agriculture and shipping sweet fruits. Although we have access to bananas, in the past, people only consume them if they lived in a place where they grow. Nowadays, dried fruits are become available more and more. These convenient sweet foods have increased our sugar intake.

You should reduce both added and natural sugars in your eating routine. Now, you know that you can reduce the risk of getting cancer. See your doctor in order to design a low-sugar nutritional diet. Choose a diet that suits your health benefits.

Note: Always talk to your wellness advocate before you start a new diet.