8 Efficient Exercises To Tone Abs In 30 Days

How often do you do exercises that engage your abs? Toning your abdomen reduces your risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease as confirmed by studies.

We give you the 8 best exercises to achieve your top goals. Spend 10 minutes of your free time to exercise, and you will get awesome results in a month.

Start with four exercises that work for your stamina and body. Make 10-second breaks between your exercises. Repeat the exercises twice during each session.

Rectus abdominis

It’s located between your ribs and pubic bone right in front of the pelvis. You can engage it in 2 ways:

– Bring the chest towards the pelvis

– Bring the pelvis to the chest

1. Crunches, 15 reps

Crunches are the base of every ab workout. They help you tone rectus abdominis and oblique muscles.

– Lie on your back and bend your knees

– Bring your shoulders and abdomen together and make a break at the peak of the movement

2. Double leg reach, 10 reps

This exercises targets upper and lower abdominal muscles.

– Lie on your back, and stretch your legs

– Keep your arms elevated

– Lift your legs at a 45-degree angle and engage your abdomen

– Bring your body to the original position and keep your arms and legs stretched

3. Arm plank with a knee dip, 15 reps

It engages your arms, glutes, abs, shoulders and legs.

– Bring your body in a plank position, and support your body weight with your hands

– Bend your knee, and hold in that position for a few seconds

– Switch legs

4. Roll-ups, 10 reps

Roll-ups strengthen your abdomen and improve the flexibility of your spine

– Lie on your back and stretch your arms and legs

– Lift your arms and roll your body up to a sitting position while engaging your abs

– Bring your body to its original position

5. Plank hip dips, 20 reps

If you are a beginner, this exercise is the right deal for you.

– Bring your body in a plank position

– Arch your back and lift your glutes while engaging you abs

– Go back to your initial position

6. Boat pose aka Navasana (do it once)

It tones muscles, legs and lower back

– Sit on the floor and lift your feet

– Extend your arms in front of you while keeping your knees straight

– Hold in this position for 30-60 seconds

7. Windshield, 10 reps

It engages the entire body, and you should do at the end of your workout.

– Lie on your back, and elevate your legs

– Straighten your arms, and move your legs to the left

– Move them to the right

8. Mountain climbers, 15 reps

It’s a high-intensity exercise that accelerates heart rate. Do it to add some cardio to your routine

– Bring your body in the plank position

– Keep your hands shoulder-width apart

– Bring your left knee to the chest

– Switch legs

These exercises are ideal for everybody, and don’t require special equipment. Combine them into your own routine, and have fun toning your abs.