7 Signs To Recognize Your Soulmate

Finding your soulmate is like a dream come true, but not everyone is that happy. Some people say there’s no such thing, adding that “soulmates” are just a product of our fantasy.

Truth is, soulmates exist. It may not be the person you see in your dreams, but it’s definitely “the one.” A soulmate complements us, and always acts right. A soulmate helps you become a better person. But, how can you tell if the person you are in relationship with is actually your soulmate? There are a few signs to tell if you have found your soulmate.

7 habits soulmates have in common

1. They respect their differences and act the same in some aspects

A soulmate isn’t the person that makes you a whole. You are two different people with a different opinion. A soulmate will never change you, and always respects your differences. This is an important part of every relationship. It’s like finding someone you love for the things that make them different.

On the other hand, soulmates share similar values and traits, as reported by David Klow, an author and licensed family therapist. There’s a list of non-negotiables that soulmates follow:

  1. Smoke, drugs, alcohol
  2. Children
  3. Politics, social movements
  4. Career plans

Look for a soulmate that will meet your “requirements” without asking you to change for them.

2. The communication is right

This doesn’t change the fact that soulmates have concerns and disagreements. But, these people do know how to talk, and don’t use shady tactics. These people are interested in what their partner has to say, and value their words and opinion.

  • Don’t have trouble starting a conversation
  • Talk about different topics, and listen to each other
  • They value conversations, and enjoy their silence.

3. Soulmates “get” each other

Soulmates know each other really well. Some say their partner knows them better than they know themselves. Your partner knows how to read your facial expressions. They know your “good” and “bad” moves, and sometimes even predict your reactions. These people can also pick up on their partner’s emotions and their intuition works really well. They know when their partner needs comforting or some time alone.

4. Soulmates talk about future

Soulmates are “designed” to stay next to you forever. They talk about their future and share their visions. If your partner doesn’t want to talk about their future plans, you haven’t found your soulmate. Soulmates like to talk about tough topics related to future, including career plans, home and family. They will talk about their and your fear, and won’t hesitate to talk about compromises.

  • Be on the same page when it comes to life goals
  • You will be together in whatever life brings to you
  • The positive thinking keeps you together

5. They are comfortable around their partner

Soulmates are comfortable with each other even when they look terrible. You will hear your soulmate joke about your romance while taking a shower, and they will even joke that your romance has died.

If you like what you see every day, then congratulations, you have found your soulmate. Of course, it will take some time until you get comfortable around your partner. This brings peace and love.

6. Solve problems as a team

Life is filled with problems and challenges, but your soulmate will fight right next to you. Having someone by your side means a lot. Working and fighting together means finding a constructive way to solve problems and sticking to positive thinking. It’s not you against the partner. It’s you two against the partner.

7. Your soulmate is your best friend

Your soulmate will love and like you at the same time. You will enjoy deep respect which takes your love to another level. It’s not just love and romance. Your soulmate will be your best friend.

You will love, respect and challenge your partner, and this will make your relationship better and stronger. Let’s not forget about the sense of humor.

  • You have time for other frends, too
  • You also have separate interests and social circles
  •  You are unique people who love and respect each other

Final words

Check out these signs to determine whether you have found your soulmate. It may be hard and challenging, but once you find that person, everything will make sense.