13 Efficient Weight Loss Tricks That Work Like Magic

The food industry is based on one simple rule: you have to make customers crave for more. That’s what producers have in mind when selling food. They add different flavors, colors, and aroma to their product to make it look and taste better. Your taste buds love that, but your body says something else. Do you know that your mind is actually tricked? Luckily, there are a few tricks to help you avoid overeating, and we give you the best of them.

13 Unique Weight Loss Tricks To Prevent Overeating

Losing weight is actually thinking that you are able to do that and being aware that it doesn’t happen overnight.

1. Use blue plates

Do you know that blue color acts like appetite suppressant? In this way you won’t eat more than you should which helps in weight management.

According to a study released in the Nutrition Journal, using blue plates actually provides a psychological effect on those who try to lose weight. The contrast of the food you are eating will curb your appetite.

Light-colored plates won’t help you control your meal if you eat light-colored foods. However, the same food will look like a huge portion on blue plates.

2. Watch a scary movie

Scary movies induce stress, but experts at the University of Westminster in London believe that watching a 90-minute horror film will burn calories equivalent to a chocolate bar. The heart beats faster due to the adrenaline rush. It will also stimulate your metabolism, and your eyes will stay on the screen.

The Shining” will help you burn 184 calories! “Jaws” shaves off 161, “The Exorcists” melts 158, “Aliens” goes with 152 and “Saw” burns 133.

3. Spray vanilla-scented fresheners or candles

If you can’t stay away from sweets, cookies or pretty much every dessert, just spray vanilla-scented air freshener to suppress your sweet tooth. Vanilla-scented candles are also a nice idea. Light a few while eating your dinner.

Vanilla weight loss patches have the power to shut down your cravings for something sweet. The sweet scent alters the chemicals of serotonine, known for its effect on appetite, tricking it to send a different signal to the brain.

4. Eat in front of a mirror

You will eat fewer servings of food if you see yourself eating. Remember, you are your own critic. The mirror will help you evaluate yourself and your attitude towards food.

Be careful about this, because it may give you a feeling of weight discrimination and make you feel bad about yourself.

5. Tie a ribbon around your waist

French women tie ribbons around their waist to determine if they have had enough food. Once the ribbon gets tighter, they stop eating. This is a rather stylish technique. In this way you can enjoy everything in moderation. French women are gorgeous, right?

6. Have smaller bites and portion your meals

Eat smaller bites and have smaller portions. Learn how to enjoy your meals in moderation. Eat fewer portions of your favorite food, and you will be able to control your weight easily.

Spanish women eat sandwich made with two slices of whole grain bread and meat filling. It may not be your tastiest meal, but it will definitely give you enough nutrients. Have you ever heard of bocadillo?

7. Chew your food 32-40 times

American health food expert and economic nutritionist Horace Gletcher advised people to chew their food properly. He was called “The Great Masticator,” but science supports his recommendation.

When chewed properly, you will burn 10 percent more calories, easing the flow of nutrients. This will also help you shut down your food cravings.

8. Sit at corners of tables

According to psychologist Stephen Gullo, sitting in the corner of the table at dinner or cocktail parties will help you cut down your food intake. Most of the dishes are placed at the center spot. In this way you will eat more bread, chips or other delicacies. Well, sit in the corner, and you will eat less.

9. Eat individually-wrapped candies

Candies wrapped individually are better option that skittles or jelly beans. You will control your candy indulgence if it is packed individually. You won’t stick to one candy if you have an entire bowl filled with them in front of you, right?

10. Eat your meals using chopsticks

This is the secret that helps Japanese with their figure as reported by Kimiko Barber, author of the book “The Chopsticks Diet.”

Using chopsticks require accuracy and dexterity, and you won’t spend too much focusing on the amount of food but on the right way of eating it.

11. Enjoy light and soft music

Eat your food while enjoying a pleasant atmosphere. In this way you won’t eat too much. Have you ever noticed that restaurants have low lighting? That’s why you order so much when out for dinner!

12. Indulge in heavy breakfast and light dinner

Your breakfast should be fit for a king, and your dinner for a pauper. Researchers found that women lost three inches of their waist by following this rule.

13. Take a photo of your meal

Taking a photo of your food will help you think more about the food you eat. This is actually a visual representation, and it will help you control the food you put on your plate.

Final words

Each of these tricks will help you lose weight and avoid overeating. These techniques may be simple, but they work like magic. Losing weight will never be a problem for you.