10 Common Signs of Stroke Women Ignore

Stroke may occur in both young and old people. Almost everyone has a risk of suffering a stroke as reported by experts. We live in a stressful world, and too many people eat unhealthy and processed foods. Prevention is important, and you have to learn how to recognize the symptoms of stroke in order to prevent serious complications.

Common signs of stroke women ignore

1. Vision issues

Stroke causes dual picture, blurred vision and even loss of vision. About 44% of all sufferers lost vision, noting it was one of the most notable symptoms.

2. Sudden headache and dizziness

Vertigo is a common sign of stroke in women under 45. If you have this symptom too often, consult your doctor.

3. Difficulty speaking

Unbound speech is one of the first signs of stroke. First, sufferers are confused about the time and place, and later lose their speech completely.

4. Weakness in limbs

After a stroke, sufferers have trouble controlling their limbs. Some are paralyzed. Strokes usually affect the limbs on the opposite side of the affected hemisphere. Bring your arms in front of your chest and count to 10. If one hands falls down, you are dealing with muscle weakness and possibly stroke.

5. Pain in one side of the face

This isn’t a typical symptom, but sudden and inexplicable pain in extremities or face indicates a stroke.

6. Headache and migraine

A sudden headache is one of the most common symptoms of stroke. It’s more common in women and younger people who have migraine.

7. Facial paralysis

If you are unable to control the muscles on your face, you have just suffered a stroke.

8. Exhaustion

Women deal with fatigue, confusion, disorientation and exhaustion.

9. Hiccups

Hiccups are common in women, and this symptom is triggered by the attack of the respiratory center in the brain.

10. Difficulty breathing and tachycardia

Difficulty breathing and inability to catch breath are caused by cardiac arrhythmia. These symptoms are more common in women, and shouldn’t be ignored.